Our Approach

The name of the game is fun thats what we do best at Up North Adventure Sports. Whether its water sports, adventure sports or just having a glance at what we're up to, putting a smile on your face is what our number one priority

Our Story

Starting out as a passion project in 2016 Muskoka Jetpacks was formed. Starting off small, with the help of friends and the support of local businesses Muskoka Jetpacks went from passion project to a sustainable business. With summer 2017 rolling around, bigger things were on the horizon. Among many, a new home was found on the beautiful beaches of Hidden Valley Resort. 

While the new home was great, Muskoka Jetpacks partnered with other Jetpack/ Flyboard operators to form, Ontario Jetpacks. Seeing a need for more than just Jetpacks, this is where Up North Adventure Sports begins. While working closely with Ontario Jetpacks to provide Flyboard and Jetpack fun, we will  also be offering Sea Doo rentals and Bubble soccer rentals. The What's Up North will be our blog page and thats where the story will continue!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are we required to have a license to rent the Sea Doo
    When operating a Sea Doo/ Jet Ski you are required to be have a license. However we can issue a temporary license for the duration of your rental.
  • Will I be able to get up my first time Flyboarding?
    We have never had anyone not able to get out of the water. Depending on athletic ability some get the hang of it the first couple attempts, mostly everyone will get it within 5 minutes.
  • How many people can play bubble soccer in an hour?
    We have man different formats of games and activities. Generally games are split into 10 minutes to give people a break from the bubbles. With an hour and 10 bubbles, you could have a 40 person tournament.
  • Is Jetpacking/ flyboarding safe?
    To this date we are proud to say we've had no serous injuries thanks to our expert instructors and great customers. Sore feet, some bumps or bruises are to be expected, but no more than any other physical activity.

Meet the Team

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Chase Courneya

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Brittney McCoppen


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